I AM, like you, an energetic expression of consciousness in form. I think of myself as guide, teacher, wayshower. The title matters not as we are all aspects of Source energy in experience. In my prior life, I was an allopathically-trained medical doctor with an ego to match. After awakening from a thirty-year slumber, I realized (with my 'real eyes') that it was all a lie, an illusion designed to distract me from the truth of who and what I AM. For many years I believed and taught the 'you are broken and need to be fixed' model of medicine (AKA sick care medicine). I lacked the awareness to know our true nature but life would show me when I was ready to listen. In 2010, my personal health continued to deteroirate forcing me to reevaluate my professional interests and ultimately re-write my story. 

My then 18-year education in the form of systemic lupus had become overwhelming, unacceptable and unbearable. Constant pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, self-loathing, obesity and more burdened me and weighed me down to the point where I had no choice but to drop the heavy load. I was called to broaden my scope of understanding about the body, and sought out holistic care that would lead to life-altering physical, emotional and spiritual changes to my body, heart and mind. This death and re-birth led to a permenant 'break-up' of my relationship to lupus, medication, dis-ease or conventional medical intervention and practice. I have since made it my life's passion and purpose to share my knowing's about healing and wholeness with anyone who is ready. I now know that our physical bodies are perfect, whole miracles that possess innate wisdom, consciousness and intelligence for self-healing, repair and thriving. I have great appreciation for the journey thus far, as it led me here, with you.

I resides in Austin, Texas with my soulmate, Alexander and starseeds, Aria and Jayla.  I have an active physical and spiritual lifestyle and enjoy daily inner connection and reflection as well as learning from and communing with people, animals, food, and nature.  I live everyday with the aim to fully embody the role of wayshower for healing and living in the present moment.  I find great personal fulfillment and joy in co-creating my reality and experiencing this game of life to the fullest. 


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