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Who We Are


I AM, like you, an energetic expression of consciousness in form. I know myself as guide, teacher, wayshower. The title matters not as we are all aspects of Source Creation in experience. In my prior life, I was an allopathically-trained medical doctor with an ego to match. After awakening from a thirty-year slumber, I realized (with my 'real eyes') that it was all a lie, an illusion designed to distract me from the truth of who and what I AM. For many years I believed and taught the 'you are broken and need to be fixed' model of medicine (AKA sick care medicine). I lacked the awareness to know our true nature but life would show me when I was ready to listen. In 2010, my personal health continued to deteroirate forcing me to reevaluate my professional interests and ultimately re-write my story. 

My then 18-year education in the form of systemic lupus had become overwhelming, unacceptable and unbearable. Constant pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, self-loathing, obesity and more burdened me and weighed me down to the point where I had no choice but to drop the heavy load. I was called to broaden my scope of understanding about the body, and sought out holistic care that would lead to life-altering physical, emotional and spiritual changes to my body, heart and most importantly, my mind. This death and re-borning led to a permenant 'break-up' of my relationship to lupus, medication, dis-ease or conventional medical intervention and practice. I have since made it my life's passion and purpose to share my knowing's about healing and wholeness with anyone who is ready. I now know that our physical bodies are perfect, whole and balanced miracles that possess innate wisdom, consciousness and intelligence for self-healing, repair and thriving. I have great appreciation for the journey thus far, as it led me here, with you.

I currently reside in Austin, Texas with my soulmate, Alexander and starseeds, Aria and Jayla.  I have an active physical and spiritual lifestyle and enjoy daily inner connection and reflection as well as learning from and communing with our Creator, people, animals, food, and nature.  I live everyday with the aim to fully embody the role of wayshower for healing and living in the present moment.  I find great personal fulfillment and joy in co-creating my reality and experiencing this game of life to the fullest. 


I AM, like you, a self-healer capable of rewriting traumatic experiences, wounds, and illusory beliefs. My journey to healing began in my twenties when I choose the path of experimental western medicine. At the time I was seeking protection and safety. Instead, I was met with fear of my body and overwhelmed with false truths about my body's ability to heal.

I had long forgotten my power; my body’s intelligence. The side effects of the pharma drugs, that I believed were safe, based on the word of the medical “authorities,” provided me with numerous 'diagnoses.' A handful of autoimmune diseases, multiple chemical sensitivity, severe food allergies, and other dis-orders left me feeling hopeless and alone. Medical professionals claimed this was permanent.  My new normal was an unsafe body that would forever attack itself. 

FUCK THAT...I know my body is cabable of healing itself!  

This medical experiment on my physical and emotional body's opened the door for me to recognize the truth of who and what I AM. NO ONE has the answers that resides within my body; just as NO ONE has the answers that reside within yours. NO EXTERNAL SOURCE can provide the inner safety that I seek; and NO ONE can heal me. It’s an inside job and the BodyMind holds the key. 

I feel passion for connecting others with their innate wisdom through bodywork, working with plants, sound medicine and helping those of mankind connect intuitiviely. This is but a sampling of my gifts to the world and I remain open to knowing and expressing myself in all ways everyday. My hands, senses, and words bring attention to areas that have long forgotten their truth. I honor and nurture this divine gift and I seek to inspire YOU to remember your power within.

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