Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my initial consultation?

You should have received a detailed email that outlines exactly what to do to prepare for your very first appointment.  I will add that information here as well:

Step 1: Payment is due prior to appointment and to secure your spot.  Please see email sent to your inbox after you requested to book for details.

Step 2: You must purchase a remote scanning device prior to our appointment date and time. This is essential! Scanning your field is impossible without this step.  I will use the information that you provided in the booking form to set up an account for you through NES and place the scanning device that you need in your personal cart for you to purchase.  Once purchased, I will receive an email notifying me and you can move onto Step 3 below.

Step 3: Please follow the instructions here to download the Provision Scanning software onto your computer to access the scanning technology.  Please do this well before our appointment so that you may troubleshoot any technical issues.  I'm sure you don't want to spend your 1.5 hour appointment working on tech issues and would like to get to healing, so please, please, please don't forget this step.

How often do I need to scan?

This is not set in stone and depends on many factors.  In general, I recommend scans every 5 to 6 weeks when working on something specific at the mind, body, spirit level.  This allows for rapid integration of energetic information into the field. 

I personally scan myself approximately once per quarter or when something acute comes to the surface that I could use a little support with.  

How quickly will I see results? What might I notice?

This question comes up often and is only natural, as we have all been programmed to see ourselves through outcomes.  Further, we come from the 'fast-food medicine' and 'a pill for every ill' era, in which an immediate effect can often be gained thru some external factor (i.e. medication, surgery).  Please note that you are moving away from that world with this work.  You are stepping into your own healing and become your own healer.  With that, you will heal as fast or as slow as you and your innate wisdom determine necessary for complete and permanent change.  Further, energy medicine is often quite subtle, so checking in often is necessary to determine what has actually shifted.  Shifts occur at all levels; physical (generally the slowest), mental, emotional and spiritual and in many ways; thru belief systems, perceptions, ideas and life changes.

Why is your rate higher than most in the bioenergetic community?

My prices are based on my hourly rate, level of expertise and embodiment of the energetic information. That's really all I can say about that. If finances are creating a hurdle for you, check out the information on the referral program.

What is the referral program?

It's quite simple.  For every 2 souls referred by you, that sign up for and complete a bioenergetic scan, you receive one scan with infoceuticals on me!  This is limitless in its possibility.  If you send 100 people, you'll be getting 50 bioenergetic scans. 

When you send someone over, make sure they place your name on the booking form under 'How did you hear about this service?' I'll do the rest!

What are infoceuticals?

In short, infoceuticals are energetically-imprinted waters that are used to communicate with your HBF; this interaction with your field offers corrective information and upgraded and/or new potentials to step into. More information as well as a video regarding infoceuticals can be found here

What is the miHealth device and how can I benefit from it during a virtual scan?

The miHealth device is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) device that communicates directly with your field through weak electrical and magnetic frequencies.  The device, like the infocueticals are able to provide corrective information to your self-healing and repair system. 

The miHealth device is also known as a biofeedback device.  Biofeedback (or self-regulation) devices have a rich history in the 'alternative medicine' space and have been used for decades to treat many physical and mental ailments. In fact, we as humans are our own biofeedback devices through our consciousness, various endocrine organs and automatic body functions.  

The mihealth device has unique properties over other PEMF devices that I truly appreciate and prefer in the therapeutic setting.  You can read about them and watch a video regarding the miHealth device here.

In a virtual setting, the miHealth device is not readily accessible (although occasionally I will run the device remotely as in a remote healing session).  I do encourage my clients to purchase their own device if they are so inclined, and we can program the device for home use.  If interested in this, ask me at our next appointment.