Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my initial 'Change Your Mind' consultation?

You should have received a detailed email that outlines exactly what to do to prepare for your very first appointment including a short form that I will ask you to fill out.  Other steps include:

Step 1: Payment is due prior to appointment and to secure your spot.  Please see email sent to your inbox after you requested to book for details.

Step 2:  Consider making a list that answers the question, 'Where in my life would I like to see/make improvements?' or 'Where in my life am I stuck?' or 'What outcome would I like to achieve by the end of my appointment?'

Step 3:  During our appointment date and time, please ensure that you are in a place where you can be undisturbed for the entire appointment.  Please make sure to have a glass or bottle of water nearby for hydration.  Hydration allows for accurate muscle testing.  

How quickly will I see results? What might I notice?

This question comes up often and is only natural, as we have all been programmed to see ourselves through outcomes.  Further, we come from the 'fast-food medicine' and 'a pill for every ill' era, in which an immediate effect can often be gained thru some external factor (i.e. medication, surgery).  Please note that you are moving away from that world with this work.  You are stepping into your own healing and becoming your own healer.  With that, you will heal as fast or as slow as you and your innate wisdom determine necessary for complete and permanent change.  Further, energy medicine is often quite subtle, so checking in often is necessary to determine what has actually shifted.  Shifts occur at all levels; physical (generally the slowest), mental, emotional and spiritual and in many ways; thru belief systems, perceptions, ideas and life changes.

What is the referral program?

It's quite simple.  For every 2 souls referred by you, that sign up for and complete a session, you receive an equivalent session on us!  This is limitless in its possibility.  If you send 100 people, you'll be getting 50 complimentary sessions.

When you send someone over, make sure they place your name on the booking form under 'How did you hear about this service?' We'll do the rest!