• Jamie Guyden, MD

We're doing food all wrong!

No, this isn't a post about how terrible you eat, a list of 'approved' versus 'unapproved' foods or a commentary on what the right nutrition plan should be. That is all extremely boring AND we've been inundated with that sort of thing for far too long without getting any closer to healing. So, let's have a different conversation.

What if we could simply look at food as love! You heard me...what if we could begin to shift our minds into the understanding that food is an aspect of Source, Love, The Divine, the energetic vibrational precursor to all things. Doesn't that change you for a moment.

I came to this realization after many, many years of struggle and obsession around food. After I was diagnosed with Lupus as a teen, I began the cycle of taking toxic pharmaceuticals like prednisone. Well, this would of course lead to weight gain, and eventually a journey to lose weight by trying to control food. For over 15 years, I cycled through this diet and that, different fasting styles, food deprivation and on and on. This ultimately led to orthorexia where I obsessed over eating 'right' all of the time, which came with it's own set of issues. This was all compounded with confusion and resentment for people like my husband, who could eat whatever he wanted and still look like a pro athlete!

I remember when this began to change. I was in the kitchen with my, then, 4 year-old daughter who commented, "this has too many carbs in it mommy!' I looked at my child and immediately felt shame. What had I done! She was absorbing all of my negative ideas and beliefs about food. I was clearly setting her up to have a similarly miserable life experience around nourishing herself. This catapulted me into action.

Now, please understand, this was not an overnight endeavor. This was several years of re-claiming, re-knowing and realizing the beliefs and ideas that got me to that moment. Beliefs around my body, beliefs around my worthiness, and beliefs around food, Ultimately, food had become about control in an uncontrollable existence. Once I became aware of this, I was able to shift my beliefs to those that reflected an effortless, non-resistance to food, and eventually life.

Interestingly, the more I shifted myself into knowing food as simply being an extension of love or an external manifestation of my inner dialogue, it all became easy. Now, I eat what I want, when I want, and I maintain optimal health, wellness and energy. I have no confusion or resentment about people like my hubby (God, bless him for hanging in there :)). I now understand that these people have just known all along that food is love.

Here's what I don't want you to take away from this; 'Well, I read this article, and this doctor said as long as I believe food is love, I can eat what I want and I'm going to eat all of this fast food everyday." That's not what I'm saying, although, you do have the innate power to transmute garbage fast food into a higher vibrational substance. But that is a whole other conversation for another time. What I am saying is, check-in with all of the stories that you and everyone else have told you about food, eating and nourishment. Then look at your relationship with it and consider changing that relationship by remembering that in its pure state, it's essence, food is love; meant to be enjoyed, blessed, cherished and savored.

Have fun on the journey to remembering food!

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