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The What & Why of Private Wellness Membership Associations

A Private Membership Association (PMA) is a group or association where services and participation are limited to members only — and not open to the general public.

There are many types of PMA’s, including private health associations, private faith-based associations, private clubs, private education assoications, and private agriculture associations, to name a few. We are in the category of a private health and wellness membership association. The services we offer are limited to The Healing Within (THW) members only. By becoming a member of THW PWMA, you (the member) agree to our private guidelines of operation, services and interactions.


We each have absolute authority and control over the health of our own body, mind and spirit without the interference from any other man, woman, legal entity or corporation. Our PWMA functions by the members acting as man and woman (not as LLC, corporation, or other legal entity without soul), in their real private character and capacity.


In essence, a PMA is a way to structure oneself so that you may freely associate with whomever you want; we have always had the right to interact and assemble with one another as man and woman in the private under this type of structure.


Why a Private Wellness Membership Association?


You have the right to choose any health, wellness or wholistic service that you desire; and we have the right to provide wholistic care as we desire, without restriction from medical licensing boards and other government agencies that may not necessarily have your wellbeing in mind.

A PMA affords you and i, a safe container to share freely the knowledge of the true Source of your healing capabilities and power. It allows us to provide you with wisdom that you can implement to free your body and mind of 'dis-ease.' We honor your innate intelligence and design, recognizing there is a time and a place for ALL methods of medicine. Our truest desire is to provide the tools and guidance, and then watch you thrive and share your light and wisdom with the next soul.


For clarification, as a private wellness membership association, The Healing Within no longer functions in the public domain, and operates solely in the private with the benefit of fewer restrictions. Thus, we do not provide service, advice, or exchange of any kind to non-members.

What is the difference between operating in the public versus the private?

In the public, you and i, are subject to the statutes, acts, codes, mandates and ordinances as prescribed by the state and federal government. For example, in the public, we are not able to offer the vastness of healing services that are available to you. However, in the private, we can lawfully share freely that which we know will support your healing journey. To learn more about the difference between law versus legal, along with why we use the lowercase 'i' in our agreements, take this badass course at The Sovereign’s Way.

How do I become a member of the The Healing Within PWMA?

The Healing Within PWMA offers a free lifetime membership that is valid as long as you choose to participate and act in accordance with love and THW law. Click here to read our THW laws and here to read our affirmation statement. Once you thoroughly innerstand and align with our agreement, please submit your autograph to confirm membership. We will keep your autographed agreement on file for the duration of your membership. If you do not align with our agreement, please do not join. If you have questions or require clarification, please email

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