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My dearest soul family...It has always been you.  You have always possessed the wisdom and intelligence to heal fully, completely and permanently.  It has never been the pills, potions and other external interventions that would have you believe that you are broken and need fixing.  Join me on the journey home to self.  Join me into the depths of your soul where The Healing Within resides.  

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I AM...

I AM, like you, an energetic expression of consciousness in form.  I currently express myself as a metaphysician.  In my prior life, I was an allopathically-trained medical doctor who awakened after a thirty-year slumber. My medical career began in Texas immersed in the conventional medical model.  For many years I believed and taught the 'you are broken and need to be fixed' model of medicine (AKA sick care medicine).  This all shifted in 2010 as my personal health journey compelled me to reevaluate my professional interests and ultimately re-write my story. 

My then 18-year struggle with Systemic Lupus had become overwhelming and unacceptable.  I was called to broaden my scope of understanding about my body, and sought out holistic care that would lead to life-altering physical changes to my body, heart and mind.  I no longer have a relationship with Lupus, medication, disease or conventional medical intervention as I no longer resonate at that frequency.  I have since made it my life's passion to share my knowing's about healing and wholeness with anyone who is ready.  I now know that our physical bodies are perfect, whole miracles that possess innate wisdom, consciousness and intelligence for self-healing, repair and thriving

I resides in Austin, Texas with my soulmate, Alexander and starseeds, Aria and Jayla.  I have an active physical and spiritual lifestyle and enjoy daily inner connection and reflection as well as connecting with people, animals and nature.  I fully embody the role of wayshower for healing and living in the present moment.  I find great personal fulfillment and joy in co-creating my reality and experiencing this game of life to the fullest. 


About Your Quantum Healing Within

The Healing Within approaches health and wellness using bioenergetics medicine as well as subconscious belief reprogramming.  Bioenergetics is the field of study that values the connection between both the biochemical and quantum (or energetic) aspects of an individual.  Bioenergetics healing recognizes that each person has a biofield (also known as the human body-field) that interacts with and informs the physical body at the subcellular and electromagnetic levels.  Through this interaction, information is exchanged and is believed to be the catalyst for driving chemistry and influencing biological, physiological, emotional and mental mechanisms of our physicality.  When we honor ourselves in this way, we can work at the level of the field to change the subconscious tape-recorder that continously plays in the background and guiding our lives whether we want it to or not.

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What Clients Say



I absolutely recommend working with Jamie if you want to find yourself in that next level of your life!  After just 1 session with her I noticed an increase in my health & energy in my daily routine.  I have more mental clarity, more bandwidth for my day-to-day tasks and less anxiety and worry overall.  During my healing journey she's helped me understand more clearly how my Body-Field is affected & by what, and what role I have in this process.  Not to mention integrating the Infoceuticals into my days has tapped me into a new frequency that has brought me to new & amazing places in my life.  Every time I work with Jamie I feel better in my body and about myself and my capabilities as a mother, business owner and spouse.  Reach out to her, you'll be happy you did!