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Dearest soul family...It has always been you.  You have always possessed the wisdom and intelligence to heal fully, completely and permanently.  It has never been the pills, potions and other external interventions that would have you believe that you are broken and need fixing.  Join us on the journey home to Self.  Join us into the depths of your being where The Healing Within resides.  

About Healing Within

The Healing Within Private Wellness Membership Association approaches health and vitality using therapeutic modalities that support your inner healer. THW is designed to activate and facilitate rememberance of the innate intelligence that is YOU. With the understanding of our biofields, energy and sound as medicine, unconcious mind programming, touch and listening, we are capable of all possiblities and every potential.  When we honor ourselves in this way, we spend less time in the illusion of illness and more in the truth of wholeness. 

Nature for inner healing and natural healing methods

'All the information in the world will not heal a body unassisted by the Light in him who heals and in him who is being healed'

Walter Russell

What Clients Say

Happy client Claire

Claire R.

Dr. Guyden is an incredibly powerful and transformative healer. Through her steadfast guidance and support, the healing transformations I experienced through bioenergetic medicine elevated my health and wellbeing to a new level. Before connecting with Dr. Guyden, I spent over a decade of battling various chronic inflammatory processes, symptoms of anxiety and depression, and being told I would require prescription thyroid medication for the rest of my life. Some of my physical healing had already begun when my path crossed with Dr. Guyden’s, but it was her encouragement and belief in my body’s ability to fully rebalance itself that gave me the confidence to embark on the next stage of my healing evolution. A key element of our work together was Dr. Guyden’s consistent directives and patience through some of my resistance. She provided clear instructions and reminders for what needed to be done and how best to move through it, acknowledging the “healing reactions” that can occur and what will reveal itself once I reached the other side. While the bioenergetic work was not always easy, the journey has ultimately led me to deeper knowing of and trust in my true self and a fuller sense of freedom, capability, and confidence that I never knew I could experience for a day, let alone a lifetime. My present and my future are much richer because of this work. I am deeply grateful to have worked with Dr. Guyden and to have learned so much from the wisdom she shared and the healing she helped me achieve.

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