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Exploring Your Inner Healer

You've likely heard this before but it feels worth reiterating....If we continue to do the same things over and over expecting a different outcome, we are choosing insanity! Don't you think if we had a truly clear, holistic innerstanding of health, healing and wellness, we would actually be well? 

Do you have a deep feeling that something is missing from the 'heath and wellness' paradigm? Have you wondered why we only get so far in health and wholeness before we either get 'sick' again or just never quite get there completely? Well those nudges and yearnings are real. Ancient knowledge tells us that our physical bodies are actually reflections of our minds (You read that correctly)! Further, this mind is not 'inside' our body, it is a field of energetic, electrical information. With this wisdom, it no longer makes sense to manipulate biochemistry (which is a secondary process anyway; matter COMES FROM energy, energy does not come from matter). Rather, to appreciate and acknowledge what information is present in the energy field and subsequently reflecting itself in the body becomes far more beneficial and useful. Wouldn't you agree?

Even further than that, our physical body's hold a highly intelligent purposeful, predictable, and perfect blueprint that knows how to heal. You are not broken and you don't need fixing. Our only job is to remember this, tap into it and allow the body to do what it does naturally. 

Between the two of us, we have explored, experienced, and played with many ways to interact with the field including biofield medicine, bio-terrain medicine, German New Medicine, various subconscious mind healing techniques, spiritual practices, sound therapies, carbon-based and crystalline DNA-activations, body work of all kinds, and more.  What has become true (and has always been true) is that we have been the answer we have been looking for all along! We are the field, we are the fancy technology, we are the mind and the breath and the body. When we allow ourselves the space to explore the life choices, inner soil, beliefs, distortions, and programming and the incoherence in the field playing out in the body, we remember- the cell remembers, the field remembers, the soul remembers- and healing can and will ensue.

The absolute most important concept to understand is that we are not your healers, you are your healer!  We simply create awareness and facilitate the process. You have, and have always had, your own inner healer; your own Source to support you in every now moment

This approach to healing is NOT one-size fits all, nor will it resonate with everyone. True, deep and permenant healing on the physiologic, mental-emotional, spiritual, and energetic levels requires an expanded mindset and way of being.  It will challenge you on many levels, requires you to question everything you think you know, and asks for you to show up for yourself in ways you may not have ever done before.  This is more than healing your physical body, this is healing your whole being in an effort to find your ultimate truth, live an authentic life and be the best co-creator of your experience possible!

The final bit of understanding we would like to impart is that even though Jamie has been trained as a medical doctor and has all of the degrees and licenses to prove it; and Erica has been trained in many modalities with certifications and licenses as well, our choice is not to practice under the 'sick care medicine' illusion.  Therefore, we will not be diagnosing or treating dis-ease, so if that is what you are looking for, we may not be the best fit.  However, if you'd like to explore yourself through your true essence, remove limiting beliefs and programs, while discovering who and what you truly are; then, come on, let's play!

“The best physician in us is love”


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