Exploring Your Inner Healer

I know you've heard this before but it feels worth reiterating again.  If we continue to do the same things over and over, expecting a different outcome, we are choosing insanity! Don't you think if we had a truly clear understanding of health, healing and wellness, more of us would actually be well? 

As I continued to practice medicine through the lens of conventional, and even functional medicine, I constantly wondered why people would only get so far.  In addition, people often came back after a period of 'wellness', with new issues or similar issues reflected in different ways.  These observations led me to understand that our physical bodies are actually reflections of our minds (You read that correctly)! Further, this mind is not 'inside' our body, it is a field of energetic information! Once I gained this wisdom, it no longer made sense to manipulate biochemistry (which I now view as a secondary process; matter COMES FROM energy, energy does not come from matter). Rather, to understand what information was in the energy field and subsequently reflecting itself in the body became more beneficial and useful.  

This curiosity led me to technology that allows us to analyze our biofields.  When our quantum level biofields are functioning optimally, our body's innate intelligence system (or our self-healing capability) is fully turned on and turned up, and health may be effortlessly restored from within, creating reconnection and restoration of all of you; mind, body and heart.  For more information on bioenergetics medicine, I suggest reading Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine by Peter H. Fraser and Harry Massey and checking out the following video here, with detailed science from Peter Fraser, LAc. here.

I have explored and played with many ways to interact with the field.  While bioenergetics will always be dear to my heart, I've found it equally (or dare I say, more) effective to skip the technology and go straight for the subconscious mind using Theta Healing technique (book the 'Change Your Mind' offering for this approach) as brought forth by Vianna Stibal.  Find out more about Theta Healing here.    

The absolute most important concept to understand is that I will not heal you, you will heal you!  You have (and have always had) your own inner healer, your own Source energy to support you at every turn.  I simply create awareness and facilitate the process.  

This approach to healing are NOT one-size fits all nor will it resonate with everyone. True, deep and permenant healing on the physiologic, mental-emotional and energetic levels requires a new way of thinking and being.  It will challenge you on many levels, requires you to question everything you think you know, and asks for you to show up for yourself in ways you may not have ever done before.  This is more than healing your physical body, this is healing your whole being in an effort to find your ultimate truth, live an authentic life and be the best co-creator of your experience possible!

The final bit of understanding I'd like to impart is that even though I have been trained as a medical doctor and have all of the degrees and licenses to prove it, my choice is not to practice sick care medicine these days.  Therefore, I am not and will not be diagnosing or treating dis-ease, so if that is what you are looking for, we may not be a vibrational match.  However, if you'd like to explore yourself through your quantum, vibrational, frequency nature and remove limiting beliefs while discovering who and what you truly are; then, come on, let's play!